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Dorothée Lepère, hailing from France, was once hitched to the rich finance manager Francois Henri Pinault. She is profoundly submerged in the realm of business, making progress as an inside fashioner and maintaining her own business in the field of home style. Her house is a demonstration of bliss, as she resides there cheerfully with her dearest youngsters.

Who is Dorothée Lepère?

Dorothée Lepère, who was once married to the affluent entrepreneur and billionaire, Francois Henri Pinault, has now embarked on her journey as an independent interior designer. Leading her own venture in home furnishings, she cherishes the warmth of family life.

As a Pisces, Dorothée is inclined towards smaller social circles, finding solace in their intimate dynamics, a trait common among those born under this sensitive sign. The duality inherent in Pisceans often leads them to seek occasional solitude for inner reflection and alignment.

However, solitude doesn’t equate to loneliness for Pisceans; their vivid imagination serves as a constant companion. They channel their creativity through various outlets such as reading, exploring, engaging in artistic endeavors, and expressing themselves musically, all of which aid in understanding their emotions.

Despite their seemingly reserved nature, Pisceans possess inner strength fueled by a strong moral compass and intuitive instincts, guiding them towards wise decisions.

Dorothée Lepère Biography

Dorothée Lepère, born in 1965, is an American woman who has forged her own path after her previous connection with François-Henri Pinault, the chairman and CEO of Kering. While their past is a part of her story, today she is focused on her own journey. With a discerning eye for design and a deep passion for crafting beautiful environments, Dorothée has established herself as an interior designer. Her entrepreneurial drive shines as she spearheads her own venture in the realm of home decor, infusing each project with her unique creativity.

Despite facing life’s obstacles, Dorothée discovers solace and happiness in her role as a mother, treasuring the moments spent with her children. Her path is marked by resilience and determination, demonstrating her capacity to thrive independently. Through her professional endeavors and her dedication to her family, she has constructed a life that mirrors her values and interests, approaching each day with appreciation and eagerness.

Dorothée Lepère Childhood

Dorothee Lepere was brought into the world on Walk 10, 1965, in the enthralling city of Paris, France. As she moves toward her 57th birthday celebration in 2022, she ponders a daily existence hidden in some secret, especially concerning her family foundation. Data in regards to her folks is scant, and there is almost no notice of her kin on the web.

Growing up in the midst of the heartfelt environment of the city, Dorothee submerged herself in its social overflow. In spite of the absence of a significant computerized impression with respect to her initial life, it is realized that she sticks to the Christian confidence. Keeping a careful web-based presence, the subtleties of Dorothee’s early stages remain generally undisclosed.

Finishing her schooling in Paris, she went to secondary school prior to setting out on additional examinations, ultimately getting a degree in inside plan. Albeit the name of her college stays undisclosed, Dorothee’s enthusiasm for creating lovely conditions became apparent through her scholarly interests. Regardless of the restricted data accessible, her excursion from her childhood in Paris to a vocation in plan depicts a story described by assurance and imagination.

Dorothée Lepère Wiki

Full/Real nameDorothée Lepère
Birth date10 March 1965
BirthplaceParis, France
Age (As of 2024)59 years old
Zodiac SignPisces
EthnicityWhite Caucasian descent
Sexual OrientationStraight
ParentsUpdate Soon
SiblingsUpdate Soon
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-SpousePreviously married to François-Henri Pinault
ChildrenSon: Francois (born 1999),

Dorothée Lepère Family Background

Drawing motivation from her dad’s strides, Mathilde has shown a distinct fascination with the unique domain of design. With an inborn fashion instinct and a ground breaking outlook, she caught consideration with a huge appearance in a selective Harper’s Marketplace presentation in February 2020, displaying her expanding ability and enthusiasm for the business. As the little girl of the director and Chief of the regarded extravagance style bunch Kering, Mathilde is by all accounts cutting her own way in the design area, repeating her dad’s famous lifetime direction.

Previously taking outstanding steps in the design scene, this youthful ability has worked together with regarded brands like Olgana, Mitsuki, and Sadh Leven, cementing her status as a rising star in the business. Past her design tries, Mathilde shares an enthusiasm for equestrian games, regularly enchanting her devotees with enrapturing photographs of her pony riding undertakings on her virtual entertainment stages. With a promising future lying ahead, Mathilde exemplifies an agreeable mix of complexity, innovativeness, and a pizzazz, ready to establish a long term connection with the style world and then some.

Dorothée Lepère Age

Dorothee Lepere entered the world on Walk 10, 1965, starting an excursion that would traverse 58 upsets around the sun continuously 2023.

All through the embroidery of her life, Dorothee has experienced significant changes, both in her own and proficient circles, unpredictably woven into the continuous mood of time’s section.

Emerging as a thriving entrepreneur and a skilled interior designer, she has embraced various transformations and diverse experiences. Despite these shifts, Dorothee remains grounded in her Piscean nature. She finds solace and inspiration in her vivid imagination and continuous pursuit of artistic endeavors.

Dorothée Lepère Physical Attributes

Dorothee Lepere has striking highlights that supplement her exquisite disposition. With profound bruised eyes that ooze secret and warmth, and delicious earthy colored hair outlining her face, she dazzles consideration easily. Remaining at a level of 5’6″ (168cm), she conducts herself with beauty and balance, epitomizing trust in each step. Her slim edge, weighing 60kg (132 lbs), is complemented by body estimations of 34-24-35 inches, displaying her regular magnificence and charm. With a bra size of 33B and a shoe size (US) of 6, Dorothee keeps an immortal appeal and complexity that adds to her charm and allure.

Dorothée Lepère Career

Dorothee Lepere has fashioned an effective profession way as an independently employed business person, directing her boat in the domain of home style. Equipped with a degree in inside plan, she has capably explored the business, rejuvenating her imaginative dreams.

Conversely, her ex, Francois, remains as a titan in the extravagance area, flaunting a tycoon status and standing firm on lofty footings inside Gathering Artemis and Kering. His rising in the business world started submissively in 1988, dealing with the purchasing division prior to driving the Pinault bunch into a worldwide force to be reckoned with having some expertise in design and extravagance brands.

Francois’ initiative ability saw him expect essential jobs, including leader of Gathering Artemis and later Chief of PPR, known as Kering. Eminent for his backing of feasible turn of events, he represents his responsibility through drives like the narrative “Home,” which highlights the dire need to address environmental uneven characters.

Past his business discernment, Francois’ charitable undertakings sparkle splendidly. His vow of 86 million euros towards the rebuilding of the famous Notre Lady church following the staggering fire of 2019 represents his commitment to protecting social legacy. With aggressive designs to lift Gucci to outperform even the eminent Louis Vuitton, Francois Pinault keeps on molding the scene of extravagance with his vision and assurance.

Dorothée Lepère Awards

Dorothee Lepere’s ex has earned a momentous cluster of honors inside the business circle. Eminent among his accomplishments is the lofty Chevalier de la Army d’Honneur, presented to him in 2006, alongside his enlistment into the Vanity Corridor of Popularity in 2016. His remarkable administration abilities have earned worldwide acknowledgment, reflected in his rankings as the third among the best 100 Presidents universally and among the main 30 Chiefs overall in 2019. Further hardening his regarded standing, he was respected with the Fiorino d’Oro in 2020, the most elevated honor in Florence, confirming his exceptional commitments to the business scene.

Dorothée Lepère Net Worth

Dorothee Lepere’s monetary excursion exemplifies her enterprising drive and the accomplishments she has earned in her profession. Starting around 2024, her assessed total assets remains at around USD 20 million, a demonstration of her commitment to inside plan and her undertakings as an independently employed business person. Lounging in the extravagances managed the cost of by her diligent effort, her total assets had recently been accounted for at around $15 million of every 2022. Projections recommend that her monetary status is ready for additional development, with assumptions for coming to $25 million sooner rather than later.

Interestingly, her ex’s monetary realm overshadows hers by correlation. With a bewildering total assets of USD 43.4 billion, his job as the leader of the eminent Kering Gathering has made a permanent imprint on the business scene. His impact broadens universally, and his significant monetary effect highlights his situation as one of the most affluent people around the world. While Dorothee Lepere has produced her own way to progress, her ex’s tremendous abundance fills in as a distinct indication of the huge differences intrinsic in the domains of money and business.

Dorothée Lepère Married & Personal Life

Dorothee Lepere’s own life got the thought of the media when she took care of business with the renowned French incredibly rich individual cash supervisor François-Henri Pinault. Their alliance persisted from 1996 to 2004, during which time they invited two adolescents into the world. Their most imperative young person, a youngster named François, was brought into the world in 1998, trailed by a young woman named Mathilde in 2001. Following their portion, Pinault set out on a relationship with supermodel Linda Evangelista from September 2005 to January 2006, accomplishing the introduction of their child, Augustin James Evangelista, in October 2006.

As of now, François-Henri Pinault is merrily hitched to performer Salma Hayek, with whom he began a relationship in April 2006. Meanwhile, Dorothee Lepere has chosen to continue with a quiet and private presence, keeping away from the media spotlight. Finding solace and fulfillment in her excitement for inside progress, she embraces the serenity of an everyday presence away from the glare of public thought.

Dorothée Lepère Children

Dorothee Lepere and her previous life partner, François-Henri, have developed a bond established in the affection and sustaining of their two kids. Their family bloomed with the appearance of their oldest, François, in 1998, trailed by the upbeat expansion of their little girl, Mathilde, in 2001. Regardless of the progressions in their own lives, Dorothee stays unfaltering in her obligation to cultivating serious areas of strength for a loving relationship with both her youngsters.

As per reports, Dorothee treasures the profound association she imparts to her children, setting their prosperity and joy at the very front of her needs. Whether through genuine discussions, shared experiences, or just being a consistent presence in their lives, she tries to maintain a nearby and strong bond with François and Mathilde. As a dedicated mother, Dorothee gets enormous satisfaction from the esteemed minutes enjoyed with her kids, directing them through life’s excursion with unfathomable love, care, and resolute help.

Dorothée Lepère Hobbies & Interest

Dorothee Lepere finds joy and motivation in a bunch of leisure activities and esteemed interests that mirror her dynamic character. Among famous people, she holds a profound deference for the ability and attraction of Robert Downey Jr. what’s more, Jennifer Aniston, dazzled by their convincing exhibitions on screen. Her definitive dream escape coaxes her to the charming city of Paris, where she can relax in its social extravagance and immortal appeal.

In issues of variety, Dorothee floats towards the exemplary refinement of dark, the delicate appeal of pink, and the peaceful tones of blue, exhibiting her adaptable preferences. During her recreation hours, she enjoys pursuits, for example, scrutinizing the most stylish trend patterns, sharpening her culinary ability through cooking undertakings, and delighting in the charm of live shows and exhibitions. With regards to food, Dorothee holds a specific affection for the kinds of Italian gastronomy, savoring the divine enjoyments that entice her sense of taste with every exquisite nibble. Through her leisure activities and valued inclinations, Dorothee embraces the delights and lavishness of life, mixing her regular encounters with profundity and energy.

Relationships & Dating History

Dorothee Lepere sealed the deal with French finance manager Francois Henry Pinault in 1996, yet their association in the long run reached a conclusion, bringing about separate from in 2004 following eight years of marriage. Consequently, in 2009, Francois went into marriage with eminent entertainer Salma Hayek.

The two or three offers two kids, Francois Pinault and Mathilde Pinault. Furthermore, on September 21, 2007, Francois and his ongoing mate, Salma Hayek, invited their girl, Valentina Paloma Pinault. Quite, Francois has figured out how to avoid discussion and keep a position of safety presence.

Dorothee Lepere Social Media

The French interior designer, Dorothee Lepere, deliberately abstains from social media platforms, preferring to cultivate a tranquil and private lifestyle. Despite her noteworthy career and previous associations with prominent individuals, she purposefully refrains from participating in social media, opting instead for a more reserved presence.

This choice reflects her inclination towards privacy and emphasizes her dedication to leading a calm and peaceful existence, shielded from the constant scrutiny of online platforms. By abstaining from social media, Dorothee Lepere retains control over her personal narrative, allowing her to concentrate on her passion for interior design and the satisfaction it brings to her life.


Birth and Background: Dorothée Lepère was born on March 10, 1965, in Paris, France. She maintains a discreet online presence, with limited information available about her family background and early life.

Career: After her marriage to François-Henri Pinault, she embarked on a successful career as an interior designer, establishing her own business in home décor.

Personal Life: Dorothée was previously married to François-Henri Pinault, a prominent French billionaire and CEO of Kering. They divorced in 2004 and have two children together: François and Mathilde.

Children: François and Mathilde are Dorothée’s children with François-Henri Pinault. She maintains a close and supportive relationship with them, prioritizing their well-being and happiness.

Net Worth: As of 2024, Dorothée Lepère’s estimated net worth is around USD 20 million, reflecting her success as an interior designer and entrepreneur.

Social Media Presence: Dorothée Lepère intentionally avoids social media platforms, preferring a private and tranquil lifestyle away from constant online scrutiny.


Dorothée Lepère, born in Paris, France, in 1965, rose to prominence through her marriage to François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering. After their divorce, she pursued her passion for interior design, establishing herself as a successful entrepreneur in the field of home décor. Despite her previous high-profile relationship, Dorothée maintains a private life, prioritizing her career and the well-being of her children.


Who is Dorothée Lepère?

Dorothée Lepère is a French interior designer and entrepreneur known for her previous marriage to François-Henri Pinault and her subsequent success in the field of home décor.

What is Dorothée Lepère’s net worth?

As of 2024, Dorothée Lepère’s estimated net worth is around USD 20 million, reflecting her achievements in her career as an interior designer and businesswoman.

Does Dorothée Lepère have children?

Yes, Dorothée Lepère has two children, François and Mathilde, from her previous marriage to François-Henri Pinault.

Why does Dorothée Lepère avoid social media? 

Dorothée Lepère prefers to maintain a private and tranquil lifestyle away from constant online scrutiny, which is why she intentionally avoids social media platforms.

What is Dorothée Lepère’s career background? 

Dorothée Lepère began her career as an interior designer after her divorce from François-Henri Pinault, establishing her own successful business in the field of home décor.

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