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Who is Addison Harbaugh?

Oh, you’re talking about Addison Harbaugh, right? She’s that American celebrity who’s always making headlines. What’s the buzz about her? Well, she’s got quite the lineage. Her dad? None other than Jim Harbaugh, the legendary American football coach. Yep, she’s got quite the family with four siblings: Grace, Jay, Katherine, and James.

And when you start tracing her family tree, it’s like diving into American history. Grandparents such as Alta and Merle Feuerborn and Jack and Jacqueline M. Harbaugh. And if you keep going back, you’ll find great-grandparents like William Avon Harbaugh and Marie Evelyn Fisher Harbaugh. It’s a real journey!

But wait, there’s more! Addison’s got a bunch of cool aunts and uncles too. From the famous John Harbaugh to Joseph Henry Feuerborn, her family is full of characters. And with aunts like Joani Harbaugh and Mary Beth Feuerborn, it’s no wonder she’s always surrounded by lively energy.

Addison Harbaugh Biography

Oh, Addison Harbaugh? She’s such a sweetheart, born in 2015, proudly carrying her American heritage. But what makes her story even more interesting is her diverse ancestry. Polish, Sicilian, Irish, and German roots all mixed up in one fascinating blend. Pretty cool, huh?

Now, despite being just 9 years old in 2023, Addison’s already making waves. You see, she’s the daughter of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh and football star Jim Harbaugh. The trouble is, though, she isn’t following in her parents’ footsteps. Nope, she’s a dedicated student, putting in the hours at a private high school.

Sure, being the child of famous parents means she’s always in the spotlight. But Addison’s not getting caught up in all that glitz and glam. She’s focused on her studies and personal growth. No rushing into big life events like weddings or babies just yet. Addison’s got her priorities straight, and that’s a smart move in my book!

Addison Harbaugh Wiki

Full/Real nameAddison Harbaugh
Birth date2015
BirthplaceUnited States
Age (As of 2023)9 years old
EthnicityPolish, Sicilian Irish, and German ancestry
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherJim Harbaugh
MotherSarah Feuerborn Harbaugh
SiblingsBrother: Jay Harbaugh, James Harbaugh Sister: Grace Harbaugh, Katherine Harbaugh
Marital statusUnmarried
Famous ForBeing Jim Harbaugh’s Daughter
High SchoolEnrolled at a private High School
College or UniversityNot yet
ProfessionCelebrity Child

Addison Harbaugh Height

You know, despite being only 9 years old in 2023, Addison Harbaugh is already making waves. Yep, she’s the daughter of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh and football champ Jim Harbaugh. But here’s the kicker—she’s not just coasting on her dad’s fame. No siree, she’s hitting the books hard at a private high school, fully devoted to her studies.

But hey, there’s more to Addison than meets the eye. She’s a total gamer, finding pure bliss in all kinds of games. And sports? You betcha, she’s a fan. Basketball and football are her jams, keeping her on her toes and having a blast.

And get this: Addison’s got a soft spot for New York. There’s something about the city that really speaks to her. Maybe she had some amazing adventure there or simply digs the hustle and bustle. Whatever it is, it adds an extra layer of intrigue to her already colorful personality.

Addison Harbaugh Family

Jim Harbaugh Children

You know, football is more than just a game—it’s virtually a way of life when you’re born into a family like Addison Harbaugh’s.  Addison’s dad? Well, he’s none other than the football legend Jim Harbaugh. And let me tell you, their household is bustling with activity with siblings like Katherine, Jack, John, Sarah, James, Jay, and Grace. Talk about a full house!

With a family that was so focused on football, Addison picked up a lot of skills about commitment and cooperation. It takes more than just throwing touchdowns to win; it takes teamwork to achieve an objective. And who could be a better teacher than his own biological family? Addison’s close-knit family has had a big impact on him, and he has a genuine passion for the game.

But let’s not forget his biggest mentor—good ol’ dad, Jim. Having one of the football greats as your father? That’s something special. Addison’s been soaking up wisdom from Jim since day one. And you can bet he’s not just hearing about Jim’s legacy; he’s living and breathing it every single day.

Given his family’s background, Addison’s lofty goals for his football career are understandable. He is motivated by the fervor of his family and inspired by his father’s example. Addison is undoubtedly prepared to sprint onto the field and take on any challenge with pride and excellence, especially with his background in place.

Addison Harbaugh Father

Meet Jim Harbaugh: Addison Harbaugh's Father

Jim Harbaugh is an intriguing figure, is he not? The man is well-known for his skill as a coach as well as his devotion to his family and football talent. It is very remarkable how well he manages to juggle his roles as a coach and a family man.

And let’s take a moment to discuss his coaching abilities. Do you recall Super Bowl XLVII? Yes, he did lead the 49ers to the verge of victory. That’s no easy task! Jim is a brilliant thinker both on and off the field in addition to being a coach.

However, his educational background is what really makes him stand out. Were you aware that he graduated from Miami University with a degree in business administration? It simply goes to demonstrate that he is intelligent and has life experience outside of football. He is not only about football.

Leaving aside his relationship with Sarah Harbaugh. After all, they have been dating since 2008! In a society where relationships come and go, the Harbaughs are beacons of true love and devotion.

Addison Harbaugh Mother

Jack and Jacqueline’s love story began at Bowling Green in ’61, and it was the start of a beautiful journey together. They settled down in the charming town of Mequon, Wisconsin, where they raised their three children: John, Jim, and Joani.

Addison Harbaugh Brother

John Harbaugh, another talented member of the Harbaugh family, became well-known as a head coach. Recall that thrilling 2013 Super Bowl matchup? In their matchup with his brother Jim’s San Francisco 49ers, he guided the Baltimore Ravens to an exciting triumph. Everybody was glued to their chairs during that particular time!

Addison Harbaugh Sister

Joani Harbaugh, a graduate from Pittsburgh, has chosen to keep a quieter presence compared to her more high-profile family members. However, it’s no secret that she’s happily married to Tom Crean, the former head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs.

Addison Harbaugh Children

Jim Harbaugh, the renowned football coach, is bursting with pride as the father of seven incredible kids. His first trio—Jay, James, and Grace—came along during his marriage to Miah Harbaugh. Then, after tying the knot with Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, four more blessings entered their lives: Addison, Katherine, Jack, and John.

The age difference between Jim’s children is a result of the time of his marriages. His elder children are already forging their own routes in life, while his younger ones are still maturing and learning the ropes. Their family interactions are naturally shaped by this dynamic, as the older siblings take on mentorship responsibilities for their younger siblings.

All of Jim’s children are doing well, even though they are not all the same age. The elder ones have established themselves in their occupations, while the younger ones are being raised and mentored during their formative years. Despite everything, Jim’s family is still a shining example of love and harmony.

Addison Harbaugh Is Jim Harboughs First Child with Sarah

Addison Harbaugh Family

Jim Harbaugh, her father, has a particular place in his heart for Addison. She marks the beginning of a new chapter in their family’s history as the first child he had with his second wife, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh. Even though her birthday is unknown, Addison’s entrance brought them even more happiness. 

In contrast to Jim’s elder children, Addison’s life story is not publicly known. Her education, everyday activities, and intimate moments are protected from media attention, enabling her to grow up in seclusion.

But despite the limited glimpses, it’s clear that Addison shares a tight bond with her father. Jim periodically posts little glimpses into their special moments on Instagram, providing admirers with an intimate look into their relationship. With her family background, there’s even speculation that Addison might inherit their passion for athletics. It’ll be fascinating to watch how her interests and personality unfold as she grows, adding even more depth to the Harbaugh family’s story.

Addison Harbaugh Personal Life

Addison Harbaugh is known for keeping details of his personal life private, including his partnerships and whether or if he is a parent. Given the extreme scrutiny that comes with belonging to a well-known football family, it makes sense.

Football was more than just a game in Addison’s home growing up, so he probably gained virtues like perseverance, discipline, and collaboration. His father’s legacy as a player and coach has surely influenced his outlook on life and his love of the game.

Even though Addison prefers to avoid attention, it’s clear that his family has had a significant influence on him. His favorite phrase to highlight the value of family is “family is everything.” His rock has been their constant love and support, through good times and bad, on and off the field. This sentiment emphasizes how close he is to his family and how much they have influenced and still affect his ideals and life decisions.

Addison Harbaugh Ex-wife

John and Miah Harbaugh were married for a solid decade, from ’96 to ’06. Over those years, they were blessed with three wonderful children: Jay, James, and Grace Harbaugh.

Addison Harbaugh’s Father Jim Harbaugh’s Football Career

Addison Harbaugh's Father Jim Harbaugh’s Football Career

Jim Harbaugh has made a permanent imprint on football, both as a player and a mentor. He started off his NFL profession as a quarterback, stunning fans with his abilities while playing for groups like the Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Foals, Baltimore Ravens, and San Diego Chargers. Known for his initiative and accuracy tosses, he immediately turned into a fan #1.

Be that as it may, Jim’s process didn’t stop there. It was during his time at Stanford College that he really became famous as a mentor. Driving the group to triumph in the Orange Bowl in 2010 was a vital crossroads. His prosperity grabbed the eye of the NFL, and after a short time, he was in charge of the San Francisco 49ers in 2011.

With the 49ers, Jim burned through no time having a huge effect. He guided the group to the Super Bowl in 2013, exhibiting his essential ability and talent for keeping players roused even in predicaments. His capacity to turn games around procured him the epithet “Commander Rebound.” For Jim, football isn’t simply a game — it’s his obsession, and he’s continuously pushing groups as far as possible.

Addison Harbaugh Net Worth 

While the specific total assets of Addison Harbaugh stays a secret, there’s no denying the advantages that accompany being Jim Harbaugh’s child. Addison has plunged his toes into football, emulating his dad’s example, which probably adds to his monetary soundness. With a very much associated organization and potential underwriting bargains thanks to his dad’s status, Addison has a lot of monetary open doors available to him.

Without a doubt, he probably won’t be swimming in cash like his father presently, yet being important for the Harbaugh family unquestionably opens entryways. With binds to football eminence and the entryways that accompany it, Addison’s monetary possibilities are promising. Situated inside such a prestigious football line, he can utilize the family name and associations with manufacture his own way in sports, with the potential for huge monetary development later on.

In any case, cash isn’t the main thing at the forefront of Addison’s thoughts. He shows some care of gold, showing his obligation to rewarding the local area. Addison comprehends that achievement isn’t just about abundance; it’s tied in with having a constructive outcome any place you can. He’s shown this by supporting his father’s establishment and making significant commitments to associations like the Unified Way for Southeastern Michigan.


  • Family Genealogy: Addison Harbaugh is important for the famous Harbaugh family, with her dad being the eminent American football trainer, Jim Harbaugh.
  • Ancestry: Her family line is a different blend of Clean, Sicilian, Irish, and German roots, adding to the lavishness of her legacy.
  • Individual Life: Brought into the world in 2015, Addison is known for her commitment to scholastics, going to a confidential secondary school notwithstanding being only 9 years of age in 2023.
  • Interests: Addison isn’t just centered around her investigations yet additionally appreciates gaming and sports, especially b-ball and football.
  • Association with New York: Addison has an affection for New York City, maybe attracted to its energy and dynamic quality.
  • Privacy: No matter what her family’s praise, Addison likes to keep nuances of her own life stowed away, including associations and being a parent.


Addison Harbaugh, brought into the world in 2015, is the little girl of American football trainer Jim Harbaugh and Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh. Regardless of her young age, Addison has caused problems for her devotion to scholastics and her assorted family line, which incorporates Clean, Sicilian, Irish, and German roots. She appreciates gaming and sports, especially ball and football, and has an affection for New York City. Addison values her security in the midst of her family’s popularity, getting subtleties of her own life far from public examination.


1. Who are Addison Harbaugh’s folks?

Addison Harbaugh is the young woman of Jim Harbaugh, the regarded American football tutor, and Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh.

2. What is Addison Harbaugh known for?

Addison Harbaugh is known for her family ancestry, her commitment to scholastics, and her inclinations in gaming and sports, especially ball and football.

3. Where was Addison Harbaugh conceived?

Addison Harbaugh was brought into the world in the US.

4. What is Addison Harbaugh’s identity?

Addison Harbaugh has a different identity, including Shine, Sicilian, Irish, and German lineage.

5. Is Addison Harbaugh hitched?

At this point, Addison Harbaugh isn’t hitched. She is centered around her investigations and self-improvement.

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